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A warm welcome to all our supply partners fom around the world. This portal is an easy platform for us to connect, collaborate and transform opportunities into value. To those who aren't already the part of our ecosystem,we extend this portal as a means to reach us. Let's grow together.

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Open Collaboration

On our mission to make every food product more sustainable, we will freely work with those who share our commitment and enthusiasm without any bias. Open to understanding new thoughts and willing to explore new avenues to feed future generations sustainably, we will not let borders of any kind stand between us.

UPL Supplier Code of Conduct
  • As part of UPL’s efforts to foster relationships with suppliers who share our values, we introduce the UPL Supplier code of conduct. It emphasizes good workplace policies that comply with local labor laws, applicable environmental laws, and ethical corporate behavior.

  • In this document, UPL means the Purchaser, UPL Limited; Supplier means the Company/ firm or individual on whom UPL is issuing the Purchase Order (PO); Product means the goods, materials and/or services to be supplied by the Supplier. CDD means the contractual delivery date by which Supplier is required to deliver the Product.

  • At UPL Limited we believe that Sustainability is the best opportunities for business to drive smarter innovation and profitable growth. Sustainability ensure a fair society, living with in environmental limits and creating a sustainable profitable business. We are constantly working to reduce our environment footprint and find innovative products solutions that benefit the society.


We are one of the largest FIBC (Jumbo Bags) manufacturers of India, and we have had the pleasure of working with UPL for the last five years. We have been constantly supplying them FIBC to their Jhagadia, Gujarat Plant. We hope to continue doing so for many years to come, because this is a great company that sets a benchmark in the chemicals industry and they are more like partners to us. They have a great work ethic, and brilliant leadership under which they have prospered into this large multinational conglomerate.

Pritesh Parekh

Director, Plastene India Limited

It has been a privilege for us to partner with the team of UPL since 2008, supplying labels, label-leaflets to different locations. UPL is a company that cares passionately about performing as a team with each vendor partner to produce excellent products. The openness they exhibit throughout the year creates a thoroughly collaborative environment which is truly in the best interest of the customer. One thing about working with UPL that will stand out, is the way they tirelessly pursue the vision of the company. With great attention to detail they are careful to ensure every element lives up to the highest standards. From production to execution, UPL will go above and beyond for you and your organization. As we partner with UPL, it is our objective to deliver an overall experience that will exceed what the market is expecting while staying true to the allocated budget. As a manufacturing company, we don’t want to be associated with anything less than the best. That is why we always look forward to working with UPL.

Priyank Vasa

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